Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rally time!

My mother in law changed her mind and decided that she wanted to go to the Obama rally so I went with her. The turnout was crazy. This only makes sense if you are familiar with Cleveland, but the lines were from the Keybank building down to Gund Arena at Tower City. This was more people than would ever fit in the venue, so they shunted the rest off across Lakeside which is where we were. You could still kind of see, but they did have a big screen up to let us see. It was crowded, and far away from Obama, rainy, and we were getting the stink eye from the people in nicer cars than I can afford who were leaving the Browns game, but it was still awesome. I'm glad I went.

Early voting achieved, now I'm contemplating taking the day off on Wednesday so I can stay up and watch the election unfold. I may or may not. I still remember thinking all was right with the world when I went to sleep the night of the previous presidential election and then waking up to wrongness in the morning. I really don't want a repeat.