Saturday, July 21, 2007

Whee ... really fast yarn :)

I ordered the pink camo yarn on Wednesday, and on Friday after work, it was sitting on my porch. So I got started on the camo blanket. I'm hoping to put a shell edging, but I may change my mind and keep it simple and do crab stitch. I'm probably repeating myself, but oh well, lol.

I got through an entire skein of the yarn while at the coffee shop today. I almost thought I had the wrong place, but low and behold, about 4 pm a member of the stitching group showed and I got to hang out and show off what crocheted woven stitch does to camo yarn. I'm glad I gave up the ripple idea. This shows off the yarn so well. And it is really really soft, which at times is hard to find with a variegated yarn. So yay!

I'll post pics eventually, no worries.

Friday, July 20, 2007

*Waves Hi*

Welcome to the blog. Before anyone gets weirded out by the title, it's only a saga of evil when you get an evil idea to make a baby blankie out of pink camo yarn. And then proceed to spend $48 on the yarn to do so. Teehee, I have been wanting to make a mildly subversive baby blanket for so long and now I have my chance muwhahahahahah!

But I dub this my craft blog. To hide presents from possible recipients and to keep the fact that I'm sick of scarves out of the public eye. Personal reference, that, but very true.

Anyway, the blankie. Bernat Camouflage in pink is the yarn choice. I was going to make a ripple because I haven't done a ripple in ages, but I got to thinking that I might lose the camo effect of the yarn that way. And I've had really interesting results with the Project Linus blanket I'm making in Caron SS Baby Brights using the woven stitch. That stitch comes out fluffy and not too tight and it gives interesting patterns to any variegated yarn. It also gives that kind of pixelated, computerized look to the color mix. This means that the camo yarn should look a lot more like the computer-generated camo that the U.S. armed forces are currently using.

My only problem with the woven stitch that while the edges are neat, they are very plain. I have this theory about doing a shell edging, but we'll see. If it doesn't work out there is always crab stitch. Neat, tidy, and not anywhere near so bare. But enough plotting for the moment. :) I may actually be able to get the wedding afghan for my DH's cousin finished, since I should have had it finished in December 2006. It's cool enough to work on it and I have the desire to right now.