Monday, March 31, 2008

People are strange ...

So, my hair is down past my waist again. I just noticed that it was about six inches away from being back to the longest length I ever had it again this morning. Which is a bit scary in itself. The thing that made it really bizarre was a coworker asking me if I ever urinated on my hair. Okay, wtf? Even when I could sit on it that never happened. I couldn't believe she asked me that. If I ever needed proof that people are work are crazy in their own unique way, that was it. Sheesh.

My brain hurts. I think I'm going to go do my taxes to make my brain stop hurting. No, I'm not kidding, I think it might help. Sigh.

Or search out yarn to make bears for the Mother Bear Project .... hmmm ... decisions decisions.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dude ...

garterlac dishcloth
Originally uploaded by teesachu

I was forever trying to figure out how the whole entrelac thing worked in knitting. It made zero sense to my eyes after doing tunisian crochet entrelac for several years now. I figured it out. In pretty much one day, go me, lol. Although I must admit that it wasn't my brightest idea to attempt to learn this about 20 minutes before I needed to leave to go to my inlaws' house for dinner.

This was kinda tough, especially picking up stitches, for me. But once I trusted the pattern it made infinitely more sense. Hooray for garterlac dishcloth!

The only problem with success is that every time I manage something new in knitted cotton, I need to go out and buy more colors ... more ... moar ... teehee!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reason why I only left my house by foot today ...

Because my front porch looked like this ...

Yes, that's snow up to my bumpers on my car and halfway up the railing and almost halfway up the post for the mailbox.

Then there's the trashcan and my front window. It was knee deep the last time I went out. Joy. I know I have a friend who really misses this, lol, not.

I'm starting to be very afraid that my neighbors are right about me being barking mad for not starting to bail myself out of this. But I hate having to do this crap twice. Seriously. I'd rather take it in stages and do it once than be out there six times. It really slowed down though, thank heavens. It was coming down at an inch an hour for a fair bit of time. Now it is just flurrying.

There. I have documented it ... LOL.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I started out so well ...

I even managed to post every day for a month. Now it's a lucky thing if I manage to post once in a month. Oh well. I'm all about the running and less about telling the world about it in blog form. Besides, there are a fair number of people that I see pretty much on a weekly basis anyway. Although I wish I would have written down my experiences about the woman I got behind at the autoscan at Giant Eagle -- Legacy Village a few weeks back. Dressed like she made 3 times what I do and the machine is smarter than she is ... so sad.

I finally got to give the gift of a grocery bag to the friend for which it was intended, as well as the dishclothes that I made with her in mind. I trolled around for every frog pattern I could find and then only made one frog, lol. She liked them. In fact, much to my surprise, the next time I went to her new place she was using one. Wow. I'm not used to that. My husband thinks that they are too pretty to use. But more power to her, I'm glad she is using them :)

Got persuaded to go see The Other Boleyn Girl last night. I had been planning to keep that one for a Netflix choice, but getting to go see it with others who enjoyed it (instead of furtively watching it while my husband is on the road) was actually quite nice. I liked it, if you are a fan of period pieces from Tudor England, most definitely go see it. I'm still waffling about Persepolis. I loved the graphic novels and the movie keeps the artistic style of that, but someone had to remind me of the "Eye of the Tiger" scene. Sigh. Then again, I probably should go see it in theater because who knows how long it will take to get it out on DVD. Hmmm ... maybe a Monday thing so it's only $5 instead of $8.50 ... we'll see :)