Monday, December 24, 2007

First half of holidays down

Went to my MIL's for dinner tonight. It went pretty well. I now know how to make twice-baked potatoes, which is kind of cool. I got to meet the new doggie who is very sweet. I also remembered how to smile my way through stuff that my husband's grandmother says.

I got there at about four. I had eaten breakfast, but not lunch since I was kind of in a fever pitch to get myself out and over to my in-laws. So I was chilling and hanging out. I had 1 cookie and 3 cubes of pumpernickel bread with spinach dip and my DH's grandmother makes the comment is "wow that girl can eat." For a second it took me right back to my maternal grandmother who used to put me on "diets" as a child and then proceed to stuff me as full of cookies and other stuff when my cousins were over. Go figure. But she hasn't been right for a while. The rest of it went well.

I just have my dad and grandmother tomorrow. That hopefully will go just as well.

Well, I'm off to watch Christmas Story at the moment. And work on a doily. Unfortunately the goddess afghan didn't get finished, but that's okay. I can leave it as a surprise for when they get back from their trip :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful ...

But we've got no fire to be delightful. Man. When you look on the weather channel's predictions online for your city and see, not heavy snow, but blizzard, damn. Weather map has a system lined up all the way to Michigan. Oh well. Lolita is being cancelled for the the weekend and we are going out to Bravo for my birthday (which isn't until the 22nd anyway, so no harm no foul). I have a husband who is playing Command and Conquer on his laptop like there is no tomorrow, watching Torchwood and Dr. Who. I have a cat cuddled on one half of my lap and the laptop balanced on the other with another cat behind my head. So, it's still kind of a good day :)

I think I may drag out the doily stuff. The afghans would keep me warm, but the doilies keep me a hair more interpersonal since they don't involve me yelling at people and critters to stop messing with it, damnit. LOL.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've Got a Goddess Dripping Off My Hook :-)

Finally, I've come up with an afghan that I can give my MIL. The pattern is the Goddess afghan from Happy Yellow House. It's working up marvelously. It's mindless but looks complicated, which is awesome.

As you can see, it even has the Jack seal of approval. Don't mind the bed. I wasn't expecting him to jump in and pose.

Of course, I still have the idea of the the aran afghan. And now I'm wanting doilies. I don't know why because I have very little actual use for them, but damn I want to make the pretty lace again. It's one of my few skills that I haven't shown off yet ;-)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's arrived ...

I just looked out the window at the first snow of the season that has stuck. Sigh. DH is not going to be happy. He's driving in tomorrow and will not want to be doing it in snow. Especially on a Sunday where they are a bit more ... ummm ... lackadaisical about plowing and salting. At least I made it home from SnB before it started. I really hate dealing with the first work day that involves snow. The entire city forgets that it knows how to deal with snow. Oh well.

Goddess afghan is still going well. I made it through the first repeat. Now I have about 20 more patterns rows before I come to another stripe. I'm working and watching my random selection of movies. I went and bought my library card out of hock today. I had $27 worth of fees. And what did I do? I got 3 more of the things that got it up that high in the first place. I got the 4oth anniversary edition of Sound of Music, Buffalo Girls, and the one I couldn't remember at SnB (much to my chagrin) The Covenant. Hopefully I will remember watching it after I have done so, lol.

We keep growing at SnB. We picked up 2 stragglers, one that I talked to last week and another one who showed up and much good conversation was had :) I also actually talked to the guy that we invariably are trying to oust from the couches. He's really nice, and now I feel incredibly bitchy about doing what I have been doing. Oh well. Such is my life. Miss Crabbypants Ragemuffin reporting for duty! ... LOL