Monday, January 5, 2009

Good morning 2009!

Okay, so I'm a little late with welcoming the new year. It didn't really feel real until I went back to work and realized that I didn't take my calendar with me.

I got a surprise husband again over New Year's Eve and the weekend. They sent him home for a few days. It was good to actually see him. We went to one of my knitting group friend's house for a New Year's Eve party. It was pretty cool, even though I only knew 2 people there and I'm married to one of them. Most likely there are people who thought I was antisocial or angry. I wasn't, I'm just quiet to an extreme when confronted with a room full of people I don't know well. Ah well, the hostess knows better, lol.

I was trying to work on another Mother Bear project bear while I was there, but it wasn't easy as keeping all the yarn, counters, and general stuff around I need to work on a bear is a bit space consuming. I did get a foot started so that's something. Besides, I really need to finish the first bear I crocheted and finish up two afghans before I move on.

My mother-in-law's goddess afghan is very close to done. Yay! I need to finish it off soon, since I told them I was leaving them a surprise while they were off being snowbirds for a couple weeks. I'm down to about 10 rows left, but since they are about 200 stitch rows, it takes a bit to crochet. Also, I've been knitting a lot lately, the different motion was not making my wrists happy. Then there is Jack's tunisian entrelac afghan to finish. That one is also close, but the edging on that one is going to take an evening at least. I tend to make afghans that cover the entirety of queen-size beds and this one is no exception. He's been wanting it forever and 2 years is probably long enough to wait. Oops.

After all of this there are the Mother Bears to make, the old shale cowl I want to make for myself, and the knitted paper towels. As usual, more projects than I can ever finish, but hey, I have to try :)

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